NATRA GABI is considered to be "a brilliant and a very creative art photographer", who has an exceptional visual perception and artistic intelligence. He has extraordinary sense for colors and forms and he excels in B&W photography. His diversified works are rich in ideas and with philosophical hints, often bringing thoughts to their viewers.

NATRA, an exceptional gifted, telecommunication world expert, inventor of several patents and brilliant electronic engineer, specializes in "street photography" and "photo journalistic style". 

No doubt that his involvement and exposure to his parents - SONIA NATRA a multidisciplinary plastic artist and SERGIU NATRA a classical music composer, both very important international artists  and extraordinary art creators, had significantly influenced his artistic personality. His extensive understanding of high quality classical and contemporary music, his absolute pitch and artistic capabilities, had enabled him, among others, to edit classical music concerts videos in the highest level.       

NATRA sees and observes things that most people overlook. He is the kind of photographer who’s first interest is in getting “the special moment”. In his works it shows that the precise moment is more significant than the event where the moment takes place. In this sense the subjects of his timeless photos are by far more significant than the photos techniques.

Art photography for NATRA GABI is an art in which he expresses the simple expression of truth.

His works were awarded and exhibited in important international exhibitions.

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